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Lake Avenue Shop Offers Plant-inspired Goods For Modern, Stylish Homes

Lake Avenue’s Folia Collective offers houseplants, planters, tools, and plant-inspired goods with a modern, stylish home in mind.

By Sara Smola
Photos by Danae Horst

Folia Collective is a modern nursery with Instagram-worthy wares you can bring home with you. In addition to the gorgeous greenery surrounding the shop, Folia Collective offers a wide range of plant-centric goodies from ceramic pots to luxe watering cans. Even if gardening isn’t your thing, the blackest of thumbs can still appreciate a cheeky “best fronds” pun—er, pin set.

Owned by Danae Horst, Folia Collective is the perfect addition to Pasadena’s burgeoning boutique scene in Lake Avenue’s Burlington Arcade. “The seed of the idea for Folia was planted—forgive the plant puns—when a friend who had recently purchased a home asked me to help her select plants that would be happy and thrive in her new house,” Horst says. “While we were out at a nursery, picking the best plants for her space, she said to me, ‘You should do this for a job.’ At the time, I didn’t really know what that could look like, but the idea stuck with me. Combined with my general frustration with the lack of interesting plants and stylish planters at many plant retailers, I began to really develop a vision for what Folia could be.”

Horst’s creative vision paid o¬ff, resulting in a beautifully curated shop. But really, what else would we expect from Horst, a Los Angeles-based photographer and prop stylist whose work has been featured in print publications and online outlets, including O, The Oprah Magazine, Sunset, Country Living, Pottery Barn’s catalog, The Huffington Post, Houzz and The Jungalow.

Horst is constantly adding new products to Folia’s offerings, from essential supplies like potting soil formulated for indoor plants, to fun greeting cards and beautiful handmade goods from local makers (many of whom are based in Pasadena) who help put the collective in Folia Collective. The Folia team is also prepared to help educate eager green thumbs (“even if they don’t buy anything”) with the know-how to keep their plants happy and healthy.
Horst’s plant passion runs deep. She credits her mom—“a plant lady, even before it was trendy”—for instilling a love for nature in her. “The more I learn about plants, the more they amaze me!” she says. “A lot of people, especially younger generations, are recognizing the power of plants in creating a room that’s not just beautiful, but full of life, and I love seeing more and more people really get drawn into being a ‘plant person.’”


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