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June 22, 2018
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Pasadena Staging Experts Share Advice On Preparing Your Home For Sale

By: Phil and Ginny Hawkins

Selling a home is more than calling a realtor and putting a sign in the yard.  Selling a property is a marketing process and there are many steps to take to realize the maximum sale price while closing in the minimum time on market.

Here are some tips that will help you be successful:

Curb appeal: Buyers develop a strong feeling for a property within the first 30 seconds of being on site.  This begins at the curb. Ideally, start this process well before listing to allow time for the benefits to show. Begin by fertilizing the lawn, shrubs and flowers. This allows time for them to reach full color. Neatly trim shrubs and weed flower beds.

Maintain the entry way to the home: The front door and foyer should be pristine. Oil the door hinges and be sure the front door latch and hardware are solid feeling and tight. Polish the metal. Remember, the 30 second interval where the all-important initial impression is made.

Clean everything: Clean windows, sills, floors, stairways, fireplaces, the kitchen, bathrooms, carpets. Look for cobwebs and dust bunnies.  After the initial cleaning you may want to have a cleaning service come in periodically.

Declutter: All knick knacks, trinkets and memorabilia should go to storage.  Shelves should have plenty of empty space.

Depersonalize: All family photos, personal awards and certificates and religious items should go to storage. Wrap and box them so you are prepared to move soon.

Pay attention to smells and odors:  Use scented candles with a pleasant but light and appealing smell. The smell of freshly baked cookies is wonderful on showing days.


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