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June 14, 2018
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The Pay Gap: Are Women Victims of Pay Discrimination?

“In our view, the court does not comprehend, or is indifferent to, the insidious way in which women can be victims of pay discrimination.” —Ruth Bader Ginsburg, speaking for the dissenting justices in Ledbetter v. Goodyear

On average, women make 22% less per hour than men, even after controlling for race and ethnicity, education, experience, and location.

Women are paid less than their male colleagues in almost every occupation—regardless of whether that occupation is traditionally held by men or women.

Weekly Median Earnings in 2017 

Female accountants and auditors make $324 less.
Females: $1,065
Males: $1,389

Female financial analysts make $221 less.
Females: $1,369
Males: $1,590

Female personal financial advisors make $683 less.
Females: $979
Males: $1,662

Women are more likely to make partner at smaller firms.
They hold 43% of partnerships at firms with 2-10 CPAs and 39% of partnerships at firms with 11-20 CPAs.

Titles held by females:
Senior managers…47%
Partners and principals…24%
Management committees…24%
CFO at leading business… 12.6

Statistics courtesy of and the Economic Policy Institute.


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