Alliance by Design

A new showroom signifies an effortless partnership and the embodiment of SoCal style.
Photo Credits: Ye Rin Mok

A new shared space in Downtown L.A.’s Fashion District signifies a marriage of design studio LAUN (pronounced “lawn,” a cheeky play on words) and multi-line agency Denvir Enterprises.

It’s both businesses’ first brick-and-mortar space. And what a space it is—4,500 square feet of textures and explosions of color that capture the Southern California aesthetic.

“Before having the showroom, we felt a bit disconnected from our vendors,” says Holland Denvir, founder of Denvir Enterprises, whose company acts as a representative of commercial-grade vendors, 50% of which are minority, LGBTQIA, and/or women-owned. “It was like working in a vacuum. Now, we’re interacting with furniture and materials intimately.”

Rachel Bullock and Molly Purnell founded LAUN four years ago. The designers hail from Detroit, Michigan, and Woody Creek, Colorado, respectively, places unfriendly to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle the designers fell in love with when visiting Purnell’s grandfather in Pasadena and lounging on his Walter Lamb outdoor furniture, the kind that can be moved inside and not look out of place.

Photo Credits: Ye Rin Mok

They wondered why there couldn’t be more outdoor pieces as elegant as their indoor counterparts. “So we decided to do it ourselves,” Purnell says.

LAUN’s DeMille collection is an homage to old Hollywood with its sleek lines and gold-leaf motif, named after DeMille Drive in Laughlin Park, the former location of famed director Cecil B. DeMille’s estate. “There’s something so fun about living in a city where you’re at the center of all the history and glamour of the entertainment industry,” Purnell says.

The companies are like-minded in their commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability—buzzwords that many companies strive for that Denvir and LAUN simply exist in naturally.

“We both have guests and clients come in frequently and it’s truly lovely to see people experience the space for the first time,” Denvir says.

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