Los Angeles Chocolate Salon Comes to Pasadena

The Los Angeles Chocolate Salon is ground central for one of the world’s most popular confections.

Ooh, the temptation. Just one bite and you’re hooked. Resistance is futile! The gates of sweet-tooth heaven, also known as the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, open Sept. 29 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

The 13th annual event is a showcase for artisan chocolates, confections, wine, and more with free tastings to tempt your palate.

“This is a delicious event because each chocolatier is truly an actual artist,” says A.K. Crump, founder of the International Chocolate Salon. “The fresh or sustainable ingredients they carefully use, the care that goes into the designs, the incredible flavor combinations they create are astounding.”

This is nirvana on an epic scale for chocolate lovers of all ages.

“Attendees can look forward to sampling chocolates from a number of different artisan chocolatiers and confectioners, including SoCal’s Marti Chocolatt, Mignon Chocolate, Cocoa Noir Cafe, and LetterPress Chocolate,” Crump says. “They can also talk directly to the artisans and chefs, ask questions, and find out more about them and the chocolate.”

There will be demonstrations by chefs, panels by book authors, and a curated selection of premium and award-winning chocolatiers, confectioners, and other culinary artisans.

“Over 13 years, we have seen the Los Angeles and Pasadena chocolate scene grow from just a handful of great chocolatiers to scores of them,” Crump says. “It’s a very exciting time to be into gourmet chocolate.”

Tickets are available at eventbrite.com or lachocolatesalon.com.

Images Courtesy: Los Angeles Chocolate Salon

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