MUSE/IQUE’s In A Minute! (…Or Two)

A Note From the MUS/IQUE Team

“We’re away from the stage for your safety, but we want you to know that we’ll be back as soon as we can all be together again. Behind the scenes, we’re working hard as always, planning our next events that will make you dream bigger and imagine bolder.

Until then, catch up with our news series, In A Minute! (…Or Two)! Your favorite instrumentalists, vocalists, artists, and dancers join Artistic Director Rachel Worby for intimate performances curated just for you. We’ll be here for you, now and forever.”

“Concerts will be postponed.
But community will not be postponed.

– MUSE/IQUE Artistic Director Rachael Worby

MUSE/IQUE recently launched In A Minute! (…Or Two), a bite-sized web series curated by Artistic Director Rachael Worby that is sent straight to your inbox every Wednesday.

Featuring the talents of Worby and some of MUSE/IQUE’s favorite musicians, artists, dancers, and vocalists, the series gives an up-close peek at the magic behind their craft.

Watch MUSE/IQUE’s In A Minute! (…Or Two)

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