CEO Emilie Hoyt Tells Us Her Favorite Spots Around Pasadena

When medical experts were unable to provide relief for Hoyt’s migraines, she rolled up her sleeves, deciding to take her remedy into her own hands.

As a young girl, Lather ( Founder and CEO Emilie Hoyt suffered from debilitating migraines, sometimes so bad they would impair her sight. When medical experts were unable to provide relief, Hoyt rolled up her sleeves, deciding to take her remedy into her own hands. After extensive research, she awoke to the idea that her personal care products were most likely the culprits behind her migraine activation.

Of the hundreds of alarming findings from her research, one ingredient stood out: synthetic fragrance, otherwise known as toxic, petroleum-based compounded chemicals that are permitted to be used in 95% of beauty products. Hoyt made it her life’s mission to make natural and safe products accessible to people looking to feel their very best. She channeled her passion for wellness and aromatherapy into Lather, and opened the brand’s first store in Pasadena in 1999.

Shape House

For spas, I love Shape House for lymphatic drainage. I feel so relaxed and sleep so deeply after.

Little Flower is one of our favorite healthy places to eat. My family and I love to bike there on weekends and get the Vegetable Wrap and Vietnamese salad.

Spenga Pasadena is my favorite place for a workout. It’s fantastic because it combines spinning, weights, and yoga. It’s never boring, and you get a great burn.

For me, Trader Joe’s in South Pasadena is a great healthy grocery store. It’s where I love to go to find new and different fruits, vegetables, soups, and salads. They always have something interesting to try. Just last week I bought some gooseberries.

For a different approach to a traditional facial, I go to Healing with Zen for the facial acupuncture and Gua Sha treatments that focus not only on the skin, but the muscles in your face as well.

I love the gentle yoga classes at Yoga House. The instructors are welcoming and nurturing and their tips on breathing help me get into that meditative flow—which we all need right now. Also, I took their prenatal yoga classes when I was pregnant. It was so helpful for my back pain. I highly recommend this class to anyone expecting.


For a nonalcoholic drink, I love Tpumps. Their boba drinks are incredible, and the staff is so friendly. They even helped me arrange a drive-by boba birthday party for my son during the pandemic.

I love to take my dogs and walk the path in the Lower Arroyo. We usually go in the evenings, and the light is just beautiful against the mountains.

One of the most relaxing and inspiring activities is spending the afternoon at the Norton Simon. Put on headsets and learn about the incredible art, and then stroll through the sculpture garden.

When it comes to beauty products, I’m of course partial to Lather. I am very excited about our newest launch, Daily Defense Facial Sunscreen. It’s something that our customers have been asking for and I am proud of our tinted and easily spreadable formula that allows it to have an amazing sheer finish. Also, you can’t go wrong with our Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub. It’s our best-selling body exfoliator and our customer-favorite aroma.

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