5 Questions with Chef Ian Gresik of The Arbour



Q: Locally sourced is central to The Arbour experience, from the ingredients to the wooden tables. How did your passion for this approach form? 

A: We have always been a huge believer that California has the best ingredients. We have traveled to numerous restaurants across the nation and seen other chefs spend a lot of time tracking down ingredients from California. California needs to be celebrated, and where better to celebrate it than in the historic city of Pasadena?     

Q: How did that passion evolve into the creation of The Arbour? 

A: We wanted a warm neighborhood restaurant where people could not only get the best local food but also feel comfortable as well. We wanted to create a great environment with tasty food and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Q: How are diners responding to the farm-to-table ethos?

A: Our customers are definitely embracing it. You will see that more and more people, especially in California, want to know where their food is coming from. We consistently emphasize that we are a farm-to-table restaurant providing our customers with the best fresh ingredients, and our customers are definitely appreciative.

Q: Given the success of your restaurant, is Pasadena headed toward a more sustainable future?

A: Pasadena is an underrated dining city. Customers here are hungry for quality and locally sourced ingredients. That being said, Pasadena definitely has a bright future in the dining scene.    

Q: The Arbour boasts an extensive California wine list. We have to ask: What’s your preferred glass?

A: Our favorite right now is the Malbec form Ojai Alisal Vineyard 2016. 527 S. Lake Ave., Ste. 120, Pasadena, 626-396-4925, thearbourpasadena.com


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