5 Questions With Executive Chef of Centerplate, Jon Dubrick

Jon Dubrick, the new regional executive chef of Centerplate, the exclusive food and beverage provider for the Pasadena Convention Center and Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Q: What drew you to the culinary field?

A:  Growing up I was always around policemen, firemen, and their families. I always respected how they served the community and helped people around them. Later in life, I was on a waiting list for culinary school and testing for a position in federal law enforcement. I was called up for the culinary school slot first, and this is how my path to the chef world came to be. To this day, I try to serve people and the community through my cooking.

Q: You served as executive chef at several high-profile restaurants in Chicago. What prompted the move west?

A: I had taken a short sabbatical from my job at the time. When I came back, there was an exciting new opening available in Pasadena. How could I go wrong? So, I jumped at this opportunity and became executive chef at The Huntington, and that led me to this new role and the warmer weather, both of which I am ecstatic about.

Q: Goals as new regional executive chef?

A: I look forward to working with other chefs in the area, within Centerplate and that of our parent company Sodexo, and brainstorming and sharing ideas. Pasadena has a great culinary scene and I want to capture as much of that as I can. Everything we serve here will be as fresh as possible, and as authentic to the local cuisine as possible.

Q: Favorite Pasadena haunts?

A: You can always find me at Heirloom Bakery & Café for breakfast or lunch; Mi Piace is a consistent good meal for me; and Jones Coffee is still the best coffee I have ever had.

Q: What’s your dream event you’d love to cater for?

A: An international swimming event. I’m a competitive swimmer and when I went to the Olympic Trials pool, I was blown away. I would be really excited to see an Olympic-size swimming pool in our exhibit hall and all of the world’s best swimmers here that I could feed.

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