Alcohol-free Cocktails at Magnolia House So Good You Won’t Miss the Booze

With its multitude of bars and pubs, Old Town Pasadena has always been a great place to spend a Friday night out. But not everyone is up for a late night of beer, shots, and cocktails. Whether you’re stuck being the designated driver or have early morning plans the next day, there are plenty of reasons not to imbibe. Whatever yours may be, the bartenders at Magnolia House have you covered with two cocktails that are so good you might not even miss the alcohol.

First up is The Snappy Ginger, a creation that more than lives up to its name. House-made ginger syrup bursts with a warm zest, giving the drink its signature flavor. Blood orange shrub and rosemary oil (house-made, of course) balance the profile, keeping the ginger in check, while seltzer gives the cocktail an effervescent lift.

Prefer something a little sweeter? There’s The Not So American Dream. Strawberry shrub, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and mint leaves work in tandem to create a drink that’s just the right amount of sweet without ever crossing over into sugary territory. The shrub (as opposed to traditional sweetened syrup) keeps the drink crisp and dry.

Both drinks share the delicious dimensionality you’d expect from a well-crafted cocktail. With their bold and complex flavor profiles, they’re drinks you’ll look forward to enjoying, even when you’re not the DD of the night.

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