Dog Haus Opens Up Its Pantry to the Public With Haus Market

It’s easy to become concerned, during an infrequent foray to the local grocery store, that the country is in danger of a food shortage. Supply chains have been disrupted, and periodic runs on certain items result in sell outs, but the reality is that this country is still producing far more food than it needs. And much of that food in currently in the hands of underutilized restaurants.

Some of these restaurants are stepping to up to find alternative uses for the food they have on hand. Dog Haus Worldwide, the country’s new favorite franchise which began in Pasadena, has launched Haus Market, where your local Dog Haus opens up its pantry to provide customers with the ingredients essential to making their favorite Dog Haus creation at home, as well as a few additional staples they may have need of. From gourmet dogs, sausages and burgers to the can’t do without tater tots and King’s Hawaiian rolls, products and pricing are available on-line for ordering and curbside pick-up.

Check on-line for available items here: Haus Market Menu

Shhhhhhhhhh…it even includes toilet paper!

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