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With a new crop of caviar hot spots opening across town it’s time to indulge—especially since this nutrient-dense superfood is actually good for you.
Kaviar Pasadena

Caviar has gone mainstream. The superfood once primarily sold in fancy tins in little specialty stores is now taking the city by storm. The recently opened Kaviar Pasadena has already expanded to a second location nearby in Downtown L.A. The original location boasts caviar across its primarily Japanese menu—and on many occasions, it’s upped the ante with a pairing of edible 24k gold—helmed by sushi veteran executive chef John Hans Yeo.

The new Caviar Kaspia on Melrose Place was originally a 1920s Paris hot spot. The L.A. iteration of this “maison” is already packed with caviar lovers eager to taste the nutrient-rich bites. “Caviar is a perfect food for many reasons,” says Executive Chef Corey Burgan. “Beyond several health benefits, like B12 and an abundance of healthy fats, it’s the ideal ingredient to make yourself feel luxurious.”


In Orange Country, two luxury icons have partnered up: Tiffany & Co. and Petrossian opened a co-branded restaurant, Petrossian at Tiffany, at South Coast Plaza. The restaurant within the boutique offers guests an exclusive menu featuring selections of Shassetra, Ossetra, and Kaluga caviar paired with a Tiffany Caviartini cocktail.

While a new crop of restaurants is dedicated to serving this superfood, there are other ways to get your caviar on. Family-owned newcomer Absolute Caviar, with locations in Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills, will give you generations’ worth of knowledge about the many health benefits of this delicacy, which is packed with selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Caviar can even now be found at LAX, thanks to PS at LAX, the members-only terminal. Upon arrival, members are served 100% certified sustainable Calvisius Caviar alongside house-made truffle chips, crème fraiche, blinis, chopped chives, and a mother of pearl spoon.


Skin Food

Luxury skin-care brand La Prairie has known the many benefits of caviar from its start. In 1987, the Skin Caviar collection debuted a product utilizing Caviar Infinite, a powerhouse ingredient with real Swiss caviar extract. The brand was the first to harness the power of the superfood specifically for skin-care purposes. With several caviar-centered ranges, its latest innovation is Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait, a wrinkle-reducing serum ($820). “Thanks to over 30 years of caviar knowledge and expertise, La Prairie’s mastery of caviar science has allowed us to develop high-performance, caviar-derived, anti-aging active ingredients which work on the skin’s architecture to firm, lift, and volumize the skin,” says Jacqueline Hill, global director of strategic innovation at La Prairie. “Caviar extracts help stimulate collagen production in order for skin to maintain its firmness and elasticity. Rich in amino acids containing proteins, vitamins, and minerals, caviar is a source of natural compounds required for the structure and vitality of healthy skin.”

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