Midori Matcha Cafe

Pasadena got a new tea room and this one is all about the Matcha. Midori Matcha Cafe, with a welcoming, open atmosphere and friendly baristas, is sure to be your new go-to place for homework, meetings, or just catching up with friends.

Midori Matcha is committed to using Organic, Non-GMO, Ceremonial-grade Matcha imported straight from the mountains of Japan and brewed here in California. Their Matcha is only harvested in specific regions of Japan in the month of May, making it the highest grade Matcha available. Matcha provides long-lasting energy and mental awareness, without the crashing and jitters that come from coffee, and it’s filled with antioxidants to support your immune system and metabolism.

With the most extensive matcha menu you are sure to have ever seen, Midori Matcha Cafe has something for everyone. They offer drinks such as Matcha Blueberry Lattes, Watermelon Matcha, and Sesame Granitas and many Matcha-inspired pastries and desserts. Find your new favorite Matcha at Midori Matcha Cafe in Old Town!

165 S De Lacey Ave #1049, Pasadena, CA 91105, 626-460-8550 or midorimatchatea.com

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