Soups On: Noor Serving Food For The Community

With large numbers of people suddenly becoming unemployed every day, for those who had been living paycheck to paycheck affordable food suddenly becomes a priority. Recognizing the need and with a team of talented chefs and an otherwise idle kitchen, Noor, Pasadena’s favorite event venue, has transformed itself into a community kitchen providing healthy, nutrient-laden soups to the community at no cost every Friday.

Robert Shahnazarian, President of Noor along with his staff felt compelled to put their resources to work helping the community, not least because so many of their fellow food and hospitality workers were currently out of a job. With Community Soup To Go, they are providing the community with nutrient dense, immune boosting food at a time when it is most needed.

The soup is packaged in 32oz containers with wrapped utensils. Soup is available for pick up every Friday between 3:00 and 5:00pm in front of Noor’s Ella Ballroom.

Please Support Their Efforts!

“Since March 27, NOOR, has donated over 6,000 servings of our nutritious, plant-based soups to our local senior centers, foster homes and to anyone who stops by NOOR each Friday between 3pm-5pm. We have supported this program on our own and as the demand for donated meals continues to grow, we are asking our friends to support this community effort through donations and/or SHARING this post. Join us in taking care of each other.” 

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