Three Standout Indie Breweries in the Pasadena Area

TheSan Gabriel Valley has no shortage of hop stops.

BY: Austin Hall

There’s a certain sensation when youwander down the drab wine aisle at the grocery store and your eyes gravitatetoward the vibrant display of colorful craft beer cans. Even those that don’tdrink can appreciate the artistry of the labels. Au contraire. Someconnoisseurs couldn’t care less about the label, with their sights set on theattributes of the beer itself instead. But no matter your preference, everyone(21 and older, of course) can appreciate the skill and know-how required tomake small batches of unique, quality brews. Below are three standout indiebreweries in the Pasadena area—hop on over!

Ohana Brewing

Whenin search of a tropical experience, forget the mai tais and piña coladas.Catering to those fond of the island lifestyle, Ohana Brewing has gained asomewhat cult following thanks to its tasting room’s ever-rotating selection ofbeer on tap.

7 S. First St., Alhambra,

Craftsman Brewing

Craftsman Brewing beers, much like the iconic Pasadena Craftsman houses, are made with integrity—from the Triple White Sage, with handpicked white sage from the local foothills, to the Smoked Black Lager. Owner Mark Jilg has been perfecting his craft since his stint at JPL. The brewery itself isn’t open to the public, so stop by one of the local watering holes, like Lucky Baldwin’s, where the brews are stocked.

1260 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena,

Mt. Lowe Brewing Co.

Celebrating the rich heritage of the San Gabriel Valley, Mt. Lowe Brewing Co. offers an eclectic selection of craft beer, ranging from the light Bungalow Blonde to the dark Thaddeus (named after Pasadena inventor and Mount Lowe Railway namesake Thaddeus Lowe). The brewery is also family-friendly, stocked with games for all ages. 150 E. St. Joseph St., Arcadia,

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