Editor’s Letter: Getting What You Pay For

Talk about the rising cost of health care in America is ongoing and contentious. Serious disagreement about the underlying causes and the best solution is deeply entrenched. Of the absolutely mind-bending reality of that cost, however, there can be no disagreement. According to Statista, in 1960 the total cost of American health care was $24.7 billion. In 2017 that cost had risen to $3.5 TRILLION. An industry that represented 5 percent of gross domestic product in the U.S. in 1960 now accounts for nearly 18 percent of this country’s GDP.

Any industry this size naturally commands our attention, especially when it’s in the business of improving, and often actually saving lives. Thoughts of cost, however, recede before the specter of serious disability or even death, and we simply want to know that we and our loved ones are receiving the best care available. Fortunately, given the quality of health care in and around Pasadena, we can be sure of getting our money’s worth. With our annual Top Doctors issue, we hope to provide a valuable resource: a guide to nearby medical excellence, where the best care is truly available.

In addition, we share three survivor stories of residents who received life-saving care at Keck Medicine of USC, City of Hope, and Methodist Hospital. We also look at new IV treatment therapies intended to address multiple conditions, from fatigue to chronic pain to the common cold, as well as stem cell therapies that are being used to treat disease and heal injury.

In November, the Breeders’ Cup World Championships returns to Santa Anita for a record 10th running. Both sport and spectacle, like the Tournament of Roses, the Breeders’ Cup will command the world’s attention. For the uninitiated, we’ve put together a guide of the hows and wheres to best enjoy the races.

There’s more, of course, in our recurring coverage of local culture, cuisine, and architecture, as well as a look at nearby Arcadia and some track-adjacent spots of interest when you want to take a break from the horses. And if you’re planning an even bigger break, our coverage may have you considering Sonoma Wine Country, or even a relaxing idyll in Tecate, Mexico.

Whatever healthful pursuits you find yourself on, we hope you receive the superior care and attention so richly available in and around Pasadena.

Thanks for reading.


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