Editor’s Letter | July/August 2018

By Cuyler Gibbons

The Best. Except in contests dependent on score or time to decide the winner, purely objective notions of what is best are rare, if not impossible to ­ find. Our personal perspective on the things we like best is exactly that, personally our own, linked to our individual idiosyncrasies and biases. Nevertheless, informed experience can go a long way toward de­fining those things that are really, really good. And when you get a series of informed opinions that all arrive at the same conclusion, you have consensus. When it comes to “the best,” that seems a credible and appropriate criteria to apply. And that is what you have here, some consensus favorites from people who spend time in the community paying attention. And some personal favorites from a few other people in the community who we are paying attention to. Of course, you may quibble with exactly where all that attention is being paid … which brings us back to “doe.” Which is to say, right where we started, telling stories about the best city in the Southland. If you have a story that you think needs telling, or a best that needs to be recognized, let us know. That’s what we’re here for.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Pasadena’s best, even (especially) if you think you know better. Thanks for reading. Cuyler

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