Editor’s Note From Pasadena Magazine’s New Editor, Samantha Brooks

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It’s diffi­cult to believe it’s been a year since COVID hit. As our city has struggled, pivoted, and strategized ways to cope with the pandemic, we’ve all been adjusting to our new normal. Whether that has meant schooling at home, working at home, cooking at home—or a combination of all of the above—no one can deny this year has been a shift.

At Pasadena, we’ve had another shift. Hi, I’m your new editor. I’ve spent my entire life in Southern California, and I couldn’t be happier to be on board to help the city shine on these pages. You’ll immediately notice some aesthetic changes, but we all hope you notice what’s in the details here as well. As much as possible, Pasadena is here to represent and honor its residents and our local

businesses. It’s our goal that you notice our strive to cover a diverse mix of people and places, while always staying true to our core beliefs that these pages are meant to support and celebrate our wonderful city.

We hope you enjoy this evolution.



Here’s a peek at what’s in the March/April 2021 issue of Pasadena Magazine.

19 MY PASADENA Fashion photographer Yu Tsai
20 FAMILY Battling dyslexia / green goods and crafts
24 DIALOGUE Mayor Victor M. Gordo ART AND DESIGN
26 Palm Springs Modernism Week
28 ReWeave L.A.
29 Mijenta TO DO
31 Tennis Clubs
32 Palm Springs
34 Mandarina HEALTH
36 Cal-a-Vie
37 Altyr / Facile / Green Chef CONTENTS MARCH /APRIL 2021 DIY
38 Sustainable entertaining for spring HOME DESIGN AND REAL ESTATE
41 On the Market
44 Vacation Homes
46 The Expert
48 Home Tour FOOD
54 Trends
57 The Ingredient WHEELS
58 Five plug-in hybrids
59 A vintage-inspired e-bike FEATURES
61 Top Attorneys for 2021
86 From Here to Eternity: A look at a sustainable future LAST LOOK
92 Ramiro Gomez captures the Storrier Stearns Japanese Gardens
> On The Cover The new One&Only Mandarina.


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