Ask the Expert: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Max Lehfeldt


Dr. Lehfeldt is a board-certified plastic surgeon who attended Yale University for his undergraduate education and then medical school and residency training at USC-Keck School of Medicine. He is a proud member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

Dr. Lehfeldt has performed thousands of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures over the past eight years in private practice. He is also involved with Allergan Medical (makers of Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm, and Natrelle breast implants) and their clinical research/ trials and physician/patient education.

Q. What is unique about your practice?

In addition to world-class surgical services of the breast, body, and face, I am the owner and medical director of Radiance Medical Spa – one of the “Top Twenty Medical Spas in the Country.” Our mission is to provide comprehensive aesthetic services and treatments at an a­ffordable price with great value for our patients.

My practice is one of the few in the Los Angeles area to o­ffer state-of-the-art 3D Canfield Vectra photography for breast augmentation, breast lifting, rhinoplasty, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation. Patients really appreciate the added benefit that real-time accurate 3D stimulation can provide! Nothing compares to being able to visualize your results BEFORE you even have your procedure!

Q. What is the most common procedure you perform?

I perform a large volume of breast procedures – augmentations, lifts, reductions, and complex reconstructions. I also specialize in complex, revision aesthetic breast procedures that require the use of specialized soft tissue supports to prevent repeat implant-based complications – scar tissue, skin stretching, or breast distortion. Complicated revision surgery can be very challenging and demands a surgeon with extensive experience, impeccable surgical technique, attention to detail, and a honed aesthetic.

Q. What is the one piece of technology that is transforming what you do?

The Cynosure Laser! With this astounding laser- based platform, I am able to o­ffer laser-liposuction (SmartLipo), permanent cellulite reduction (Cellulaze), and lower face/neck tightening (Precision Tx). This revolutionary system allows patients to experience significant improvements with reduced downtime, less pain, and faster recovery. These procedures can be performed IN THE OFFICE with a local anesthetic. Patients often resume their normal activities in only a matter of days. These procedures are less costly than more invasive surgical procedures that need the operating room and anesthesia. e Cynosure laser system is the perfect balance of value, faster recovery, and dramatic results!

Q. What new NON-surgical treatment should our readers know about?

Aesthetic medicine has an increasingly greater emphasis on NON-surgical, NON-invasive, and minimally invasive treatments that yield dramatic results with little downtime. Many patients are familiar with Botox Cosmetic, fine line fillers, and medical grade skincare, but there is a very exciting and e­ffective new, non-invasive technology ULTHERAPY – that can produce stunning results with little to no downtime. Ultherapy is the only FDA- approved device for soft tissue LIFTING of the face. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound waves to gently and safely heat and stimulate the collagen in the face, neck, and brow. Many patients who don’t want surgery enjoy the rejuvenation benefits that Ultherapy provides. It can be done in a single treatment – also known as the “Lunchtime Lift” – in less than an hour the results can last several years! Dermal fillers could also be used to perform a rhinoplasty in a non-surgical manner and eliminate a bump on nose.

Q. What characterizes a great facelift?

A great facelift is characterized by the restoration of the natural, youthful contours of the face. When it comes to a procedure like this, it also helps the patient to look into using the services of a qualified surgeon like Dr. Azizi. This way, you’ll feel at ease before and after surgery. It’s always best to know you’re in safe hands when it comes to any changes to your appearance. In relation to the surgery itself, ideally, the skin and deeper tissues are delicately and precisely repositioned without creating a “pulled” or “wind-swept” appearance. A facelift should last for years and often starts with a meticulous review of the patient’s photos taken in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. The foundation of a great facelift is built on the knowledge of how a patient has aged and what specific surgical approach will e­ffectively reverse those aging changes. A deep understanding of the anatomy, the patient’s unique expectations, and precise surgical technique often yield the most pleasing and long-lasting facelift results.

Contact Info: Teleos Plastic Surgery, 836 South Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105; Max Lehfeldt, MD, FACS, 888.96.DR.MAX,,

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