East Meets West

Dr. Alex Martin of New Life Wellness Med Spa melds science and tradition in search of total wellness.


Story by Kwesi Dei    Photos by Daria Nagovitz


When visiting a doctor, perhaps particularly when that doctor runs an “alternative” medical practice, you can be expected to feel a sense of unease, maybe even dread. It’s natural. You are there to either “correct” a mistake you believe your creator made, or because you think Darwin’s evolution has been unkind to you. Or maybe because you simply want to slow down time as you chase the ever elusive fountain of youth. Fortunately, if you are visiting Dr. Alex Martin, of the New Life Wellness Med Spa, any trepidation you face will quickly dissipate. When you hear the steady, calm, basso greeting – “Hello, I’m Dr. Martin” – see his warm smile and the intent gaze of his dancing blue eyes, you’ll quickly begin to imagine how this experience really could be different.  


A little over 3 years ago Patrice Wang was CEO of Home Paradise Realtor Group when her own inability to find what she was looking for convinced her that the time was right for a new kind of medical spa experience. She had personal experience with eastern traditions, but also new that western science had seen many breakthroughs in anti-aging and general wellness theory. She wanted an experience that would meld both. So she set out to create a modern luxury medical spa that would cater to working moms and dads with little to no time for themselves. Her focus was on providing the most technologically advanced practice in a setting where her clientele would feel at home, feel attended to, and would receive truly world-class treatment. It should be a place where she could comfortably send her traditional Chinese mother, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and know that they’d both be taken care of properly and well. 


As a former realtor, Wang knew the importance of “location”. It was so important in fact, that she took two years before identifying the right spot. But once found, Pasadena was an obvious choice. “I just knew that Pasadena was the right place for this project. No matter where I went, what properties I looked at, it just seemed this city was tugging at my heart. I fell in love with it, and just like that, relocated here. I just knew this would be my new home.” Says Wang.  


A practice without a staff, however is of little use, so Wang set about looking for the right practitioners to provide the kind of care and service she demanded.  She spent the next 8 months visiting different centers, doctors, and practices looking for the perfect experience; the right mix of expertise, friendliness, professionalism, and candor. She eventually ended up at the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative & Cosmetic Medicine in Hollywood, a leading Anti-Aging research center run by Dr. Martin and his business partner, Devin Stone.   


“When I first consulted with Dr. Martin, it was as a patient. I asked a lot of questions during my consultation with him. He was patient, kind, exceptionally well read and rounded, and he greeted me in Mandarin (Dr. Martin is fluent in English, Greek, French, Italian, and German. He’s currently learning Mandarin and Spanish), and we talked at length about eastern medicine and it’s implications in today’s world. Even with an obviously busy day at his practice, he was attentive and unhurried. I knew immediately that having him and Devin Stone lead our medical staff in Pasadena was the way to go.” Negotiations of course ensued, and a little over one year ago, New Life Wellness Med Spa was open. 


For those fortunate early adopters what they found when attending New Life was a unique amalgamation of eastern and western medical and revitalizing traditions. Dr. Martin is a scientist who brings his cutting edge research in protein synthesis, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Human Growth Hormone, and the role of anti-oxidants in aging to his work at New Life. His partner, San Gabriel Valley native Devin Stone, is a leading Practitioner of Natural and Alternative Medicine, and best selling Author of the book “Regenerate your body: A look into regenerative medicine.  


While the science is key, what they are promoting is whole body wellness. As Dr. Martin explains “We’ve spent years developing and perfecting technologically advanced, non-invasive ways to effectively help people feel better about themselves, but let’s be quick to point out that nothing really beats a great diet, exercise, and restorative sleep. My life’s goal is to provide my patients, no matter what age they may be, the quality of life they seek so they can fully enjoy their time here.” Clearly Martin and Stone are realizing Patrice Wang’s original vision which is good news for anybody in Pasadena seeking physical rejuvenation with a basis in both traditional western science as well as homeopathic and alternative approaches to total wellness.

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