Local Private Schools Adapting to a Pandemic World

When COVID-19 hit hard last March, local schools were caught in a dilemma: how to ensure physical safety and educate students who can’t sit within six feet of each other.
Within days, the world changed and all students were sent home. The challenge was transferring education from classrooms to a home setting.

It became quite a leap for a private school like Sequoyah, which embraces innovation in teaching and learning in ways ranging from mixed-age classrooms to assessments and learning outcomes, says Monica Menez, K-12 director of communications.

Teachers collaborated with students and their families. As it became clear the pandemic was not short-term, high-tech online tools were enhanced, including face-to-face conversations through Zoom meetings, to provide the best education under the circumstances.

All schools in Los Angeles County have been mandated to begin the 2020-21 school year remotely with no date of return yet. Menez says Sequoyah has taken a deeper creative shift into deliberate technology-based learning with online platforms ranging from Seesaw to Global Online Academy.

Teachers have embraced the challenge of education in a pandemic world using creative ways to integrate online learning tools for assignments and better understanding each student’s learning styles and strengths.

Although everyone is eager to return to campuses once it is safe, COVID-19 has forced educators to incorporate change in a way that best benefits all students. It is a shift in perspective with some lessons learned and tools added that can be carried forward after the return of in-person education. Teachers and administrators deserve credit for being innovative and creative during a time of uncertainty.

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