Mexican Marvel Cuixmala Draws Visitors With a Relaxing Experience

At Cuixmala, health and wellness are just as central to the property’s ethos as its stunning architecture and unparalleled setting.

Located on 30,000 acres on Mexico’s Costalegre—about three hours south of Puerto Vallarta and two hours north of Manzanillo—Cuixmala has been a tucked-away haven since it was built as the private estate for British billionaire and conservationist Sir James Goldsmith in 1992. Following his death in 1997, his daughter, Alix Marcaccini, opened up the estate—which features a 60,000-square-foot Moroccan-inspired main house designed by Robert Couturier, as well as a collection of villas and bungalows sprawling throughout the property’s coast and cliff tops—as a boutique resort.

Constantly making enhancements and upgrades, one of Marcaccini’s latest endeavors is focusing on the property’s wellness programing. While no formal spa exists (though in-room treatments are available), a tranquil, freestanding yoga pavilion made from bamboo overlooks the lush scenery (Cuixmala has been designated as a biosphere for decades and is home to wild zebras, horses, a sea turtle refuge, crocodiles, and countless species of birds), as well as a Tibetan Buddhist stupa for meditation. However, it’s not only the facilities and inherent sense of calm and seclusion that make Cuixmala an ideal escape for a wellness retreat, it’s the outstanding programming its owner and her team have curated for its loyal clientele.

For starters, the property introduced a Rasha machine last August, followed by a retreat with its inventor, Jere Rivera-Dugenio, who specializes in quantum physics. “It’s a fascinating and incredible healing tool that uses technology to work with your DNA and nervous system,” says Mikaela Beach, Cuixmala’s head of wellness, who has been on the property for five years, and came from the acclaimed Golden Door in Escondido.

“The machine can do everything from release stress in the body to help insomnia and even assist with weight loss and depression.” Beach says each client receives a customized program for Rasha, but guests might typically experience three 60-minute sessions during a three-day stay. “We’re also adding more of our signature retreats this year,” she says, with the next one coming up May 10–15, featuring Joe Dispenza, who specializes in neuroscience, quantitative electroencephalogram measurements, mind-body medicine, and brain-heart coherence. The acclaimed wellness guru has led numerous sold-out retreats, which can often accommodate as many as 2,000 people, but perhaps none in as intimate as a setting of Cuixmala.

“With all of our space and natural social distance, we’ve become the perfect place for a smaller retreat,” says Beach. The property has been working with Dispenza to create five-day programs for just 60 guests. “It’s an extremely rare opportunity for people,” says Beach.

From there, the resort is planning additional retreats with Dispenza, as well as wellness-expert-in-residency programs, bringing in bodyworkers, healers, yoga instructors, and other leaders for anywhere from two weeks to three months.

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