Pamper Your Pandemic Pets With These Quality Diet Services

From Michelin-starred treats to personalized meal delivery, new luxury dog food companies lend a whole new meaning to ruff-ing it.

The pet industry became a $100 billion business during the pandemic, with owners investing in the health of their four-legged quarantine companions. Leading the pack is Jinx a Hollywood-based startup dog food company that lists Will Smith, Halsey, and Nas as investors, and organic chicken, probiotics, and superfoods as ingredients. This month, Jinx continues its partnership with the Michelin-starred Angler restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Posh pups can enjoy fine-dining doggie bags at Angler, ordering off a secret menu for salmon or chicken treats, available exclusively to go.

Did your dog add some pandemic pounds? “The most common ailment we see associated with diet is obesity, caused by overfeeding,” says Christie Long, DVM, head of veterinary medicine for Modern Animal, which has a location on East Colorado Blvd. “On a day-to-day basis, dogs don’t need the kind of variety that we enjoy in our diet,” she adds. “I typically recommend that dog owners do a bit of experimentation with new pets, but once they find something that is high-quality that their dog eats readily without coaxing, it’s best to continue to feed that routinely.” Sudden shifts in diet can even trigger gastrointestinal upset. Long recommends keeping your dog healthy by “feeding an appropriate amount for your dog’s size and activity level, providing plenty of exercise, and limiting treats.”

Shark Tank alum PetPlate’s personalized dog food subscription service ($1.11/day and up) helps simplify portion control by tailoring meals according to your pup’s breed, gender, age, allergies, and activity level. “PetPlate helps by telling you exactly how many calories your dog needs,” explains founder Renaldo Webb, who credits health-conscious owners with the demand for higher-quality pet food, like PetPlate’s freshly cooked, veterinary nutritionist–designed, human-grade meals—delivered straight to your door. “We find customers in Los Angeles realize the benefit of a whole-food diet, and believe the same would benefit their pets,” says Webb, who plans to expand into cat food in the next few years.