Stay Healthy, Pasadena

Whether you’re in need of pick-me-up or a gift for a friend, we’ve got the perfect wellness idea for you.


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Paint Stress Away

After the holiday madness, we could all use a little calm. Enter Buddha Board, the grown-up (and far less frustrating) version of the childhood classic Etch A Sketch that offers a Zenlike painting experience for those struggling with anxiety or depression—or anyone who wants to relax.

The environmentally friendly board forgoes ink, paint, and chemicals and is designed to encourage mastering the art of letting go, drawing upon the Buddhist principles of impermanence and non-attachment. To use, simply paint your stress away with water and watch your creation come to life. As the water slowly evaporates your art will disappear, leaving you with a clean slate—and a clearer mind.


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Stick to It

With cold and flu season in full swing (not to mention that we’re still in a pandemic), we’re washing our hands and slathering on sanitizer like our lives depend on it. But commonly touched surfaces aren’t always cleaned soon enough to stop germs from spreading. Nanoshield adhesive tape and films keep surfaces sanitized in between cleanings using nontoxic copper technology. The company’s research found that Nanoshield can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, influenza, E. coli, and norovirus.

The clear plastic tape and films can be used on smooth surfaces like digital touch screens, light switches, handrails, and door handles. Just peel and stick for protection for up to 12 months.
From $10


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No Pain, All Gain

Launched in Canada in 2015, Myodetox isn’t just a physical therapy clinic, it’s a holistic boutique fitness center based on the premise that prevention is the best medicine. The company’s 13th location just debuted in Studio City—other locales include Brentwood and West Hollywood—with 1,750 square feet of space chicly designed to train, recover, and prevent injury for the fitness inclined. Carefully trained staff provide myofascial treatments and corrective exercises to reduce pain and stress on the body, while still allowing clients to get the most out of their workout routines. The process begins with a full-body assessment, then additional sessions are custom designed around restoring mobility, alleviating muscle pain, and avoiding future injury.
Pricing begins at $95