The Crucial Role That Collagen Plays For Your Skin

Collagen is an important building block in the body that strengthens skin and improves elasticity.

Photo by Coline Haslé on Unsplash

The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen plays a crucial role in tissue development, skin strength, and elasticity. Over time, the pace of collagen depletion in our bodies accelerates, resulting in visible wrinkles and a loss of firmness. Besides age, other extenuating factors that are responsible for collagen loss include stress, pollution, and genetics.

“Collagen plays a vital role in the structure and elasticity of skin,” says Tammy Yaiser, VP of Product Development at Algenist, an award-winning skincare brand. “It has continued to be a highly sought-after ingredient in skincare formulas. There are an increasing number of different collagen ingredients on the market with distinctions amongst them.”

According to Yaiser, there are two primary sources of collagen: vegan and animal-derived. Traditionally, collagen has come from animal sources such as cows, pigs, and fish. Modern science has enabled formulators to create plant-based alternatives that structurally mimic animal-derived collagen while offering equivalent benefits for skin. Topical and ingestible collagen products have become increasingly popular in the beauty and wellness industry for those looking to boost collagen production.

“The adoption of healthy habits can help preserve higher collagen levels, like healthy eating and staying hydrated,” adds Yaiser. “Incorporating collagen topically through a skincare routine can help improve the overall appearance of skin while helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helping to boost skin hydration. In addition to improvements in the visible appearance of your skin, healthy collagen levels provide additional whole-body benefits.”

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