The Delicious Latte Mixes From Female Wellness Brand Clevr

Female-founded, mission-driven wellness brand Clevr offers delicious, nutrition-rich instant latte mixes loaded with adaptogenic herbs, probiotics, and superfoods for Zenlike focus and long-term energy—and none of the jitters that often accompany caffeine. The SuperLattes come in four flavors: Matcha, Coffee, Chai, and an anti-inflammatory concoction called Golden, made from single-farm turmeric, resulting in its rich namesake hue.

In keeping with its “feel good, do good” mission, Clevr exclusively sources organic or non-GMO ingredients; its shipping materials are both 100% post-consumer recycled and 100% recyclable; and each month it donates a percentage of revenue to organizations fighting for food justice in the US. $28/11.8oz bag;

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