This Trailer Makes Off-the-Grid Living Look Luxurious

Thanks to a luxurious trailer built in Santa Barbara, off-the-grid living never looked better.

Not long ago, the vast majority of Americans were seemingly tethered to a physical office. To work remotely was a perk of the lucky few and a fantasy for everyone else. It was only on the weekends—and the infrequent vacation—when we could venture farther afield, when we could travel, when we could escape.

The world in which we live today is strikingly different. The past 20 months have freed people from the constraints of that previous reality, and in doing so has inspired many people to explore—both the world around them and how they live. In short, it’s made the travel trailers that are designed and built by Living Vehicle in Santa Barbara more relevant than ever.

Starting at $249,000, the newest iteration of the luxuriously appointed Living Vehicle (LV) is available in four models based on energy capabilities. The entry-level model can generate 1,320 solar watts and boasts an energy capacity of 14.4 kilowatts per hour. The top-of-the-line PRO-EV model, by comparison, can generate more than 3,500 solar watts of energy and boasts a 57.6 kilowatts-per-hour energy capacity.

“We designed Living Vehicle with freedom in mind, granting travelers the ability to experience every corner of the country and stay connected and comfortable along the way,” says co-founder and CEO Matthew Hofmann.

The energy output (and charging capability) of the 2022 LV is perhaps the trailer’s most important attribute. With adequate sun conditions each day, the vehicle can sustain power indefinitely, churning out enough juice to run an air-conditioning system without limitation and charge electric vehicles via an integrated 240V level 2 charging station. All of that, combined with a 100-gallon freshwater tank, 80-pound propane tank, and compost toilet, means the 2022 LV can easily exist off the grid for significant periods of time.

“Mobile living is a thrill all its own and one that is right for the times,” says Living Vehicle co-founder Joanna Hofmann. “Owners [of a Living Vehicle] have everything they need to discover the wonders that wait around the next bend, and to enjoy them in luxury and style.”

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