View Wildlife Live With Monterey and Big Sur Web-Cams


While we’re sheltering at home, and often looking for things to occupy the time, and hopefully buoy flagging spirits, few things have the power to lift the mood like the glory of nature. Living in California it’s easy to take for granted the amazing natural beauty and the wild life we share our surroundings with here on the left coast. But there are ways you can commune with nature from the safety of your own home.

Monterey of course, provides one of the most dramatic coastlines found anywhere, along with an amazing array of indigenous wildlife, many of whom are spending the spring having babies.

As we all know few things are as engaging and naturally smile inducing as baby animals.  Fortunately for us shut-ins Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Big Sur Condo cam have a number of live web-cams trained on some of the most impressive species as they go about their daily lives at the aquarium and in their natural environment.

Below are links to a number of camera installations that will help connect you the natural world outside your door and bring a smile to your face at the same time. live Condor Cam

Aquarium’s Sea Otter Cam

Monterey Bay webcam

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