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Face of INSIDE OUT, HGTV SHOW – Carmine Sabatella

Face of INSIDE OUT, HGTV SHOW – Carmine Sabatella


Since he was in his twenties, Carmine has dreamed of having his own HGTV show. His passion is renovating homes with modern amenities while preserving the integrity of the original architecture. One day, out of the blue, Nate Harrington, founder of House8 Media, called Carmine asking if he would be interested in doing a pilot for a new show called Inside Out on HGTV. The premise of the show is Carmine and cohost Mike Pyle work with the homeowners throughout their entire renovation process. Carmine gives the homeowner recommendations and options for every facet of the interior renovation, from tile to flooring to lighting, etc. Ultimately the homeowner makes the final decisions.

Carmine and cohost Mike show how renovating homes in Southern California can be both fun and challenging. The show exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly. But in the end, they always deliver a beautiful finished product to the client. They fight for the lion’s share of the budget and get over hurdles that come their way. They prove that it’s important to have a consistent look and theme from the inside to the out when living in Southern Cali. Producer Nate Harrington agreed, and they have completed the first season of Inside Out.

The renovation duo Carmine and Mike Pyle transform homes as Carmine handles everything from the walls in, and Mike leads all things outside. The show is currently streaming on HGTV, Discovery+ and Amazon Prime!

BEST ADVICE: Make sure that your design is a true reflection of your personality and you will always feel at home when you walk through your front door.

BUCKET LIST: I want to hit my 10th season of Inside Out!

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