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Face of Wealth Management – John O’Dell

The Face of Wealth Management

Our two firms oversee more than $5 billion in client assets.

Arroyo Investment Group manages client portfolios with a minimum of $200,000 while working closely with a client’s trusted group of professional specialists such as accountants, attorneys and third-party administrators.

Capital Research + Consulting designs, implements and monitors corporate/government retirement plans. With so much litigation in the retirement plan arena, employers hire our firm to establish proper processes adhering to the highest industry standards while providing a tremendous employee benefit.

BEST ADVICE: Managing wealth requires prudent mentoring and validation. When seeking a wealth manager, first, find someone who is a CFP®. Only 20% of financial professionals hold this highly regarded certification. Finding a CFP® in your area can be found on the CFP® website. Next, ensure your wealth manager’s performance numbers are GIPS verified. Only 1,600 firms worldwide adhere to GIPS standards, the highest standards in the investment industry. Firms not adhering to GIPS standards cannot assure prospective clients that their historical track record is both complete and fairly presented. A list of GIPS verified managers can be found on the GIPS website. If your wealth manager is not a CFP® with a GIPS verified track record, find one that is!

PROUD MOMENT: Seeing our GIPS verified investment returns outperform their benchmarks with less risk. In our business, that is nirvana.

BEST PART OF MY JOB: Working with a client over a long period of time and watching their life dreams become reality!

ADDRESS: 15 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena

PHONE: 626.844.1441

ONLINE: ArroyoInvestmentGroup.com


EMAIL: jodell@arroyoinvestmentgroup.com