My Pasadena: Chad Morrill

Showcase Space: Family Room Garden and Hidden Gem
Chad Morrill

Since 1999, California Waterscapes founder Chad Morrill has been designing and creating water features inspired by his childhood interest in aquariums and nature. “I ended up finding a career that keeps both of my passions alive and started my own company where I was able to do what I loved every day for a living,” says Morrill, who builds fountains, waterfalls, koi ponds, large-scale recreational swim ponds, and natural pools. Morrill has been part of the Pasadena Showcase House for some 21 years and originally became involved with his dad and brother, who worked on paving stones while Morrill designed one of his first ponds. Since then, he’s returned every year out of his love for giving back to the community as well as showcasing his work for everyone to enjoy. Morrill’s space, the Family Room Garden and Hidden Gem, is an eco-friendly retreat that includes a natural-looking stream that flows into a non-chlorinated, freshwater pond. Here, the pond pro shares his favorite vegan eatery and where he unwinds.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House

I live in Shadow Hills, where I’ve lived for 15 years now. On a weekly basis, I spend most of my time in the Pasadena area, designing water features for homeowners and local gardens.

I love visiting Descanso Gardens and reminiscing on the ponds we built: one at the Boddy House as well as Mulberry Pond. Going back to see these projects is really neat because I get to witness the public enjoying our work. This historic property brings multiple communities together and what better place to come and enjoy the sights and sounds of water?

My favorite Pasadena landmark home is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House and not just because it has a pond! If I could put my own pond there, that would be epic.

I love the historical aspect of Pasadena. I’ve always been a history buff and some streets make me feel like I am going back in time.

My favorite local landscaper would have to be my dad’s company, Pacific Outdoor Living. He’s been doing landscaping for over 23 years.

My favorite place to shop for plants is us—California Waterscapes. We carry aquatic plants for any water garden or waterfall. We hand select and grow many plants specifically catering to the climates of Pasadena and surrounding areas.

On the weekends, I love taking my kids to 21 Choices to get ice cream or to Arlington Garden to relax and unwind.

My favorite Pasadena restaurant is Sage at 41 Hugus Alley. It’s vegan and so, so delicious!

My favorite local place to grab a drink would have to be Urth Caffé. They have the most amazing green tea boba ever.