Spend a Night in the Clink at Sierra Madre’s Jail House Inn

Sierra Madre’s former jail turned bed-and-breakfast offers a definite upgrade of amenities from a typical night in the slammer.

Waking up behind bars generally means that the night prior took a turn for the worse. However, there is an exception just a few miles away in our neighboring city of Sierra Madre, where a 200-square-foot jail cell has been converted into the Jail House Inn—one of the more unique bed-and-breakfasts you can spend the night in.

Located in the old City Hall, the building operated as the local jail from 1927 to the late 1970s, before former criminal prosecutor Noreen Berra saw the potential of the space to be something more.

“I knew there were other jails that had been converted to bed-and-breakfasts, so I thought, ‘Why not?’” she says. “Everyone thought I was crazy.”

Since then, Berra has made significant updates to the space. These days, guests can watch a movie on the flat-screen TV or enjoy drinks and snacks from a small fridge. A full bathroom has been installed and, perhaps most importantly, the prison cot has been replaced with a comfortable queen-sized bed.

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