Stop Asian Hate Car Rally

Hing Wa Lee CEO David Lee uses his platform as a successful businessman and car collector to bring awareness to the community.
David Lee of Hing Wa Lee Jewelers addresses the crowd.

On May 1st, David Lee, CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group, together with PMLQUICKSTRIKE, Purist Group, Student Driver, Auto Conduct; Cinemotive Media, COPAZE, Impressive Wrap, INOZETEK, and Platinum Motorsport, organized a car rally and event to bring awareness to the Stop Asian Hate campaign.

Over a thousand car enthusiasts met in Downtown Los Angeles before driving to Lee’s Hing Wa Lee Plaza in Walnut, where t-shirts were sold to raise money for the “Stop AAPI Hate” GoFundMe campaign.

As an Asian immigrant born in Hong Kong, Lee was brought up and educated in the United States. He hopes that Asian Americans can unite together to resist all forms of racial discrimination. He also hopes that the government can vote on a bill to combat anti-Asian American hate crimes and work together to build a more harmonic and healthier environment for different people with different backgrounds to live in.


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