Balancing Act

How Equilibria is saving women from burnout, one gummy at a time.
Rapid Calming Melts

Whether it’s childcare or eldercare, women typically tackle a long list of familial responsibilities—at the cost of their own self-care. The resulting stress can impact health as much as hormones, body composition, and aging. “Women’s bodies and lives are often out of balance—not just physiologically, but also with all we’re taking on in our households, careers, and communities,” explains Equilibria Co-founder and CEO Coco Meers, who focuses her functional wellness company on the women because “many women report their holistic wellness needs are overlooked and underserved in traditional Western medicine.”

With natural supplements like CBD, adaptogens, and nootropics, Equilibria hopes to give women tools to navigate external and self-imposed stressors. Meers credits high-quality, full-spectrum CBD for enabling her to successfully lean in to her own busy life. “I was a huge skeptic that one ingredient could do so much for the body, but after three nights I was sleeping more deeply,” she says. “After a week, I had a longer fuse with my kids and generally felt more balanced, even on stressful days. After a few months, I began reducing the injectable medications I take for my autoimmune spinal condition.” She wanted to share her secret weapon to help more women “keep all the plates in the air” but admits that “the last thing the industry needed was just another CBD company.”

Daily Softgels Regular Strength

For real results, accurate dosing is critical. Understanding what to take and when can be complicated, which is why Equilibria’s one-on-one coaching sets it apart from other CBD startups. “All Equilibria members are paired with a coach post-purchase and are prompted to set up free coaching sessions with unlimited chat and email support,” Meers says. “We heard time and time again from our members that the one-on-one support they receive from our team made all the difference in their outcomes and empowered them to actually stick to their wellness routines.”


Sleep Gummies

Equilibria’s products include the bestselling Bordeaux Cherry Sleep Gummies ($69), a potent blend of CBD with calming chamomile, relaxing L-theanine amino acid, CBN (a hemp-derived CBD booster that lengthens its effects); adaptogenic, mood-lifting Blackberry-Currant Stress Gummies ($40); and nootropic, brain-stimulating Hibiscus Watermelon Focus Gummies ($40). For those seeking CBD-free shut-eye, sugar-free Rapid Sleep Melts ($45), offer a cocktail of sleep-inducing CBN with stress-relieving GABA and melatonin-rich, tart-cherry extract, with a 10- to 15-minute onset. Because who has time to wait?

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