Chanel Beauty’s New Chapter

Coco’s favorite flower might suddenly be wooing you as well.

Chanel’s latest beauty launch is the result a decade of research into one of the symbols of the house—the camellia, a beloved flower of Coco Chanel. Chanel’s first holistic, anti-aging line includes skin care, makeup, and a fragrance mist, all developed to tackle many women’s main beauty concerns: lines and wrinkles, pore visibility, loss of elasticity, lack of comfort, and radiance.

In 2012, Chanel scientists began research into senescence—when cells lose power to divide and grow, ultimately resulting in the look of aging—discovering along the way that the extract derived from the red camellia has profound effects on keeping skin looking young. The rich-in-antioxidants extract protects skin from the harm caused by external stressors while simultaneously improving its quality.

“Every part of the camellia is precious,” says Nicola Fuzzati, director of Cosmetic Ingredients Innovation and Development at Chanel. “The field of possibilities is wide open if you consider plants in their natural environment.” This led to the creation of No. 1 de Chanel, a collection of nine products capitalizing on the flower’s skin-regenerative properties. The red camellia extract’s power can be felt in the lightweight Revitalizing Lotion that tightens and plumps the skin, the Revitalizing Serum that protects against environmental aggressors, and the Revitalizing Eye Cream that brightens the eye area while reducing dark circles. Meanwhile, the Lip and Cheek Balm and Revitalizing Foundation employ red camellia oil to soften and plump skin while adding a bit of color.

No. 1 de Chanel not only showcases the innovative science around the camellia, but it also represents Chanel’s first foray into sustainability. Being eco-responsible was a driving force when creating the formulas, which are crafted from a high percentage of raw materials sustainability sourced without sacrificing effectiveness. In an effort not to waste any of the plant, the formulas include up to 76% camellia derivatives, including the petals, seeds, and yeasts. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, with 80% of the range’s containers made of glass. Additionally, the use of plastics was limited and paper leaflets were removed. Organic inks decorate the bottles, and product lids contain recycled or bio-sourced materials. Perhaps most impressive, the Revitalizing Crème’s jar is not only refillable, but its lid was innovatively crafted from camellia seed shell while maintaining Chanel’s strict aesthetic standards.

No. 1 de Chanel represents a new, forward-thinking chapter in the story of the French house’s dedication to innovative beauty.