Facile Dermatology + Boutique Offering Skin Consultations Via Email

Facile Dermatology + Boutique is a one-stop, luxe shop for bright, clear skin.

Facile Dermatology + Boutique (pronounced fah-seal), like the name suggests, combines the services of a dermatology office and spa with the curated offerings of a beauty boutique. It’s the best of a trio of worlds that results in a calming, serene (and totally Insta-grammable) environment.

Facile’s Lena Metcalf, PA, notes, “Rather than feeling like a cold doctor’s office, Facile creates a warm and inviting feeling so that patients can feel less nervous about treatments. I love that our door is always open to welcome a passerby in without any intimidating pressure. We have a lot of people pop in just to look around, grab their favorite product, and a complimentary mint. On the other hand, it’s great that our team of providers, including myself, are medically trained in dermatology to recognize non-cosmetic skin concerns versus other medspas that are not dermatology based.”

Facile’s personalized services are customized to your skin type. Whether you’re dealing with wrinkles, dark spots and acne or want to enhance your features, Facile’s name roughly translates to “easy and effortless,” tying in with its promise to help you easily achieve the skin you want, thanks to advanced technology and products available.

“We only focus on evidence-based treatments that are tried and true,” explains Xochitl Cubero Renteln, PA, noting that Facile’s most popular service is the “wrinkle relaxer” (meaning Botox or Dysport) to smooth out wrinkles and prevent them from worsening. The second most common service is microneedling—tiny, thin needles that create microtrauma to the skin in a uniform manner to boost collagen, elastin, and other healing properties. As a result, acne scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and large pores are improved, giving you smoother, brighter skin. Facile’s menu of services also includes chemical peels, fillers, Kybella, PRP, lasers and lesion removal.

In Facile’s boutique, you’ll discover a wide array of skincare products from various brands, tested and handpicked by the Facile team themselves. The mix and match approach caters to a variety of skin types, since what works for one person may not work for another. Facile offers its own branded skincare products, including a coveted silky tinted sunscreen, Easy C vitamin C serum (Metcalf’s own self-described “holy grail product”), and Essence hyaluronic acid serum. Other beloved brands that grace the shelves include SkinMedica, EltaMD, Herbivore Botanicals, SENTÉ, Avène, iS Clinical, and PCA Skin.

Facile Dermatology + Boutique is taking online orders and offering complimentary skin consultations via email. 


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