Good Luck Wine Shop Brings Natural Wines From Farm to Bottle

Natural wine, once eschewed for its funky taste, has become a bourgeois buzzy phrase that’s now name dropped and imbibed by millennials, hipsters, and sommeliers alike. Good Luck Wine Shop proprietors Adam and Kate Vourvoulis have created an approachable space for everyone—from the casual wine drinker to the serious one—to discover and enjoy natural wines.

Located on East Foothill, the shop’s selection includes about 150 natural and small-production wines that are both ethically and naturally made: fair-labor practices are enforced, the grapes are farmed organically and fermented in their own naturally occurring yeasts, and no chemicals or dyes are added during the low-intervention wine making process. The Vourvoulises also oversee their own natural, in-house label, Vin de California, which makes wines from heritage varietals.

More about the founders…

Good Luck Wine Shop was born of the idea of having a space to share wine with others and showcase the incredible people, community, and values behind the wines.

Both natives of Los Angeles, Adam and Kate Vourvoulis first met in 2014 outside a popular Los Feliz wine bar. It was soon after that Adam introduced Kate to all things natural wine and they fell in love.

When their son Cy was born they moved back to Kate’s home town of Pasadena. After 15 years as a sommelier, Adam began making wine in 2016 and they built their new winery, Vin de California (VDC) in Pasadena.

Good Luck Wine Shop, is located in East Pasadena in the same building as VDC. There is also an online shop for convenient ordering for pick up or delivery.

Good Luck Wine Shop is a space for everyone and does not discriminate based on race, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, legal status, age, religion, or disability. They are committed to contributing and giving back to their community and a percentage of sales each month are donated to youth programs, mental health organizations, and legal funds.

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 12 – 5pm

3225 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA

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