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Dry Idea

Working up a sweat no longer has to be hazardous to feminine health. Created by former UCLA elite college athlete Mitchella Gilbert, Oya Femtech Apparel’s Happy Vagina shorts and leggings are made with patented, moisture-absorbing fabrics. Since dampness can lead to yeast and bacteria growth, Oya’s bottoms have hidden antimicrobial mesh panels for breathability as well as washable, removeable, moisture-absorbing crotch inserts. Named after the Nigerian warrior goddess who represents fertility and storms, Oya is based in Los Angeles and partners with #HappyPeriod, a Black-led organization providing menstrual kits to unhoused women. ($64 and up)


Good Vibes Only


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As “self-care” continues to sweep global consciousness, wellness music is poised to become more widespread than pop. Designed to promote health and well-being, this new genre of nature recordings and original compositions has a history in spas but has also been popular in personal playlists to calm nerves or soothe insomnia. Music industry royalty Freddie Moross (his family’s Oscar/Grammy/BAFTA/Emmy–winning music company Cutting Edge Media Music has produced soundtracks for Bridgerton and Stranger Things) recently purchased a New Age music label and rebranded it Myndstream. His top artist is Liquid Mind creator Chuck Wild, who has as many Pandora downloads as Adele. Creating music across platforms such as film, advertising, and gaming, Moross’ hope is that wellness music will eventually be prescribed to people suffering from anything from anxiety to Alzheimer’s. Tune in on music-streaming services or YouTube, or subscribe to curated playlists on.


Sole Saver


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This is Southern California, so sandal season is ever present. New Serum Doctor Flawless Feet Serum is a nongreasy, quick-absorbing, mess-free roll-on treatment that won’t stain your floors or sheets. Created by two cousins in Los Angeles, the organic formula contains glycolic and malic acid to exfoliate, aloe and sodium hyaluronate to moisturize, and tea tree and lavender oils to combat odor, fungus, and bacteria. The silky serum hydrates and repairs cracks just as well as any cream without smelling like medicinal menthol. Hallelujah! $36


One and Done


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Germy fingers contaminate cream jars after just one use, which is why single-dose skin care appeals to those concerned with purity. Until now, this option was as unsustainable as plastic water bottles and coffee pods. LightWater Skincare’s new preservative-free face creams ($46 and up) come in recyclable paper packaging, which keeps contents fresh and is perfect for travel (even as the TSA reconsiders its liquid limit policy). Packed with probiotics, the Multivitamin Moisturizer protects skin during the day with antioxidants and vitamins while the Replenishing Cream hydrates overnight with omega-3 fatty acids, squalene, and olive oil. For a more intensive treatment, ESW Beauty ($26) sheet masks are certified compostable and packaged in recyclable pouches. The ESW Renew Year Wishes Set contains two raw juice masks to detox and smooth pores, as well as two plant milk masks to firm and brighten.


Conditioned Behavior


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Instructions for hair conditioners typically recommend applying from mid-length to ends only, but a new Los Angeles–based hair care company is shaking up the industry with skin-care-inspired hair products targeting the scalp. Unlike heavy traditional conditioners, which can weigh down strands and make roots look greasy, Nécessaire The Conditioner uses hyaluronic acid and is designed to be massaged into the scalp to balance oil production and encourage healthy hair growth. $28

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