Lloyd & Lane Found Objects

Bonnie Hargett’s whimsical shop features home ready items and giftable goodies, perfect for your holiday and everyday needs.

BY: Sara Smola
South Pasadena boutique, Lloyd & Lane Found Objects, features an eclectic mix of both new and vintage objects, including a variety of high quality creations by artisans that won’t be found anywhere else in the region. In just a few months since its opening in June, Llolyd & Lane has already become somewhat of a community beacon, with locals popping in the shop (some with their dogs in tow) during their morning walks to say hello.

Owner Bonnie Hargett was inspired by the fashion and home goods retailer Anthropologie when envisioning the design for Lloyd & Lane Found Objects (the “Lloyd & Lane” bit was inspired by her daughters’ names). With its warm and inviting atmosphere, wrap around porch, cozy couches and embroidered pillows, it’s like stepping foot into someone’s home. Deliberately forgoing a more formal or stuffy shop, Hargett intended for the shop’s design to encourage people to want to spend time in, leisurely browsing and feeling welcome. Hargett says, “I wanted the store to have a personal touch and be a hometown kind of store. We have a lot of gift items like candles and books and decorative items, a lot of kid stuff, and we have a lot of little special items. We have friends who do photography and paint so we have very unique items.”

With the shop’s layout resembling an actual home with many rooms, each room in the “home” has a charming theme. With many rooms to fill, there’s much to discover. With new merchandise arriving each week, there are always new goodies for customers to find. It’s entirely possible to spend an entire afternoon browsing among the shop’s goodies including home ready items like candles, lotions, soaps, bath salts, brightly colored textiles and much more. Everything in the shop is for sale—from the artwork on the walls, to the furniture, to mirrors and everything in between. Hargett assures that there’s something for every price point from a few dollars to more substantial fee for big-ticket items like furniture.

Of course, if you’re in need of a quick gift for an occasion, there’s ample selection of giftable options like tea towels, stationary and darling trinkets for those who need to grab and go. With the holidays approaching, finding the right gift can be a headache, but even the pickiest giftee will appreciate a treasure from Lloyd & Lane, making it a destination worth stopping in to stock up.

When asked about what sparked the idea for such a darling boutique, Hargett admits that the shop opened rather spontaneously. When a serendipitous circumstance occurred, Hargett immediately ran with the momentum, finally taking a chance on a dream she’s had for 10 years. “Earlier this year, it all came together. I was out walking my dogs and this place was for rent and I was like, ‘Wait a minute! This is exactly the kind of place that I want!’ I found the place and then I had to jump on it and everything else just moved really fast. I’m usually really careful about things and I would have collected everything first. And instead it was like ‘Okay, I’m paying rent on this place. Now we have to open soon!’ But it worked out,” Hargett says, breaking into a smile.

Originally, Hargett planned to feature 90 percent vintage items in her shop but given the short time frame before opening and after speaking with friends and acquaintances, Hargett decided to pursue more of a gifting shop angle with a few charming finds, resulting in a smorgasbord of delights that she fully believes will win over hearts. “My number one thing, a piece of advice I got from another lady who had a store,” says Hargett, “is it really helps if you only sell things that you’d only put in your own home. I totally took that to heart.”

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