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Tac-Tile Mountain, Pasadena’s new gift and lifestyle shop, offers a curated selection of beautifully made, functional objects to elevate everyday life.
Scarlett Rose Patterson and Nico Yaryan

Within the last decade, North Pasadena and Altadena have become a hub for gentrification, attracting cool concepts like Altadena Beverage & Market, Wellema Hat Co., Side Pie, and HomeState that garner a loyal following. Now, lifestyle boutique Tac-Tile Mountain joins the creative community of mom-and-pop shops with its new brick-and-mortar location on North Hill Avenue.

After living in the area for four years, co-owners Scarlett Rose Patterson and Nico Yaryan felt the evolving neighborhood was missing something and decided to create their own shop to fill the void. They have meticulously curated the boutique with apothecary items, stationery, indie books and magazines, homewares, and children’s books and toys.

“We want to provide things to people that enrich their daily experiences,” Yaryan explains. Among the shop’s artisanal offerings, there’s strong support for local makers. Discover vessels from Pasadena-based artist Becki Chernoff of bX Ceramics, L.A.-roasted beans from Canyon Coffee, and entertaining cookbook Arty Parties by Pasadena resident Julia Sherman—all displayed in a minimal and modern setting.

Since its summer opening, Tac-Tile Mountain has hosted a coffee pop-up, fire cider workshop, flower pop-up, and salve workshop. “We are planning lots of different kinds of workshops and events in the space, to take it beyond a strictly transactional experience into something more community-focused,” Yaryan says.

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