This Reusable Water Bottle Has a Hidden Barista-Approved Cup

With over 300 billion paper cups getting unceremoniously dumped in landfills, it’s seriously time to rethink that to-go option. Remaker Labs, a Climate Neutral–certified company, recently launched a sleek, sustainable travel combo that ticks all the right boxes: Hitch, a full-size, BPA-free water bottle with a removable “barista approved” cup hidden inside.

Eco-entrepreneurs David Silverander and Sky Gilbar, co-founders of Remaker Labs, were inspired to create a sustainable sipping solution after discovering that most people who carry a reusable bottle won’t also carry a reusable cup. “The essence of the problem is that people already carry so much,” Gilbar explains, “Water bottle, phone, charger, laptops, and other essentials—that their hands and bags are full, so carrying a reusable cup all day on top of all that is just too inconvenient.”

Bonus Points: To combat the disposable-first culture’s harsh environmental impact, Remaker Labs will donate a portion of every order to change-maker organizations, including One Tree Planted and Plastic Bank, that help protect and restore ecosystems.



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