Urban Gentlemen Outfitter, Pocket Square Clothing On Projects and Their New Flagship Store

Pocket Square Clothing Founders Andrew Cheung and Rodolfo Ramirez on their new flagship store, collaboration with Mayor Eric Garcetti, and why they might be outfitting the 2028 Olympic team.

What inspired you to create Pocket Square Clothing?

Rodolfo Ramirez: We started Pocket Square Clothing as a vehicle to explore our own individual styles. Andrew and I met as college roommates at the University of Southern California. We went in knowing nothing about the industry and designing clothing was something we became very interested in. Our moms were both seamstresses and they taught us everything. It just so happened that men’s accessories started making a huge resurgence and we found ourselves in a nice niche to build the brand around in a growing menswear industry.

What is the brand’s aesthetic and what’s in the product line?

Ramirez: Our brand is a reflection of the ideals behind what we call the Urban Gentleman. It’s part of our effort to tell a story and to create a powerful connection with people through timeless pieces. To date, we feature custom made-to-measure suiting and a collection of handcrafted bow ties, skinny neckties, and pocket squares.

How does PSC differ from other brands?

Andrew Cheung: We’re really known for using unique fabrics and prints such as florals on our accessories. We’re not afraid to experiment with our designs and incorporate color and textures. We also take a lot of pride in manufacturing and sourcing our goods locally. It allows us to contribute to our local economy, as well as empower our local community of designers and makers. What actually sets us apart is the unique conversation and visual storytelling around menswear and lifestyle we’ve created that really builds a connection with our consumers and greater community. We like to say that we’re not trying to sell a product, but rather an idea that people want to be a part of.

 Congrats on the flagship store! What does it offer versus your stockists?

Cheung: Our Flagship retail store in DTLA is a multi-brand menswear concept space that features over 30 other lifestyle brands and local designers. It features our entire collection of accessories. Many people come to us for the best-fitting custom suit of their lives, whether it’s for work or for their wedding day. Our custom made-to-measure suits and shirts are all designed from scratch with over 2,000 fabrics to choose from.

What inspired the PSC collaboration between City of Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti?

Cheung: The City of Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti, through the Mayor’s Fund, created a new platform called LA Original to promote and amplify the cultural renaissance that is happening in Los Angeles. We were tapped as one of the city’s top creators to collaborate on celebrating local manufacturing and Los Angeles as the creative capital of the world. Inspired by the city’s major sights, we designed, sourced, and produced a capsule collection of pocket squares, ties, and scarves. Portions of the proceeds go to entrepreneurship programs and initiatives to bring awareness to and end the rising issue of homelessness in the Los Angeles area.

What’s next for PSC?

Ramirez: We recently purchased our DTLA manufacturer, Top Hand Manufacturing, which specializes in producing suiting accessories, apparel, and hospitality uniforms. We’ve already started designing and producing uniforms and accessories for The Hoxton hotel, and producing costumes for upcoming movies and television shows with studios like Netflix. We hope to work up to the 2028 Olympics and make uniforms for the U.S. team. It would be a dream to have clothing designed and made in L.A. for the L.A. Olympics.

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