Cruising Into Style

Big-name interior designers bring a refreshed look to the new Celebrity Beyond ship—and consumers.

When Celebrity Cruises asked renowned American interior designer Nate Berkus and British interior designer Kelly Hoppen, CBE, to bring their exclusive visions to the new Celebrity Beyond ship, both were immediately onboard.

“All of the spaces are designed with luxury and relaxation at their heart,” says Hoppen. “It’s a unique opportunity for passengers to sail away quite literally from the stresses of modern life and explore an alternative style of travel.”

The ship set sail in late April from the U.K. with destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and is set to arrive in the U.S. in October. Both designers integrated a modern yet luxurious approach, with Berkus focusing on a Moroccan-inspired style for the Sunset Bar, with a pergola-covered entrance. Berkus says the bar is almost twice as large as previous versions on other Celebrity ships.

“I was inspired by the international beach clubs I’ve been to in places like Mexico, Europe, and South America,” says Berkus. “They always feel so effortlessly chic and elegant yet casual. It’s all about going straight from the pool to cocktail hour with minimal effort and I really wanted it to feel like a destination.”

Hoppen designed The Retreat section, an intimate, calming resort space for guests that includes iconic suites and veranda staterooms with new color palettes and decor, redesigned two-story villas with plunge pools, private terrace and lounge furniture, rooftop garden with seating in a private atmosphere, main pool area on the resort deck with sun-lounging seats, two-story sundeck with secluded cabanas, chic seating areas, pools, stylish lounge for guests to unwind in, and red-marble and plush-velvet elements in the Luminae restaurant.

“It is important that The Retreat’s design blurred the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living,” says Hoppen. “Having been fortunate enough to have traveled the world, I have been inspired by many things I have seen and experienced within this design so that we would be able to capture all the needs that the passengers will have and expect.”

Consumers can shop the looks that Berkus and Hoppen created through by searching “Celebrity Cruises,” with prices ranging from $50 to $6,000. In addition, the designers share top tips on how to recreate modern and elegant looks at home.

“Don’t be swayed by trends or what your mom or best friend thinks you should do,” says Berkus. “The best interiors are ones that feel deeply personal and where people took risks.”

Hoppen recommends having consumers begin with a neutral palette. “It makes a great foundation to help achieve an elegant, clean and luxurious feel,” says Hoppen. “A neutral base gives you the option to add color and personality through accessories, art and soft furnishings.”