Five Activities That Will Make Your Trip to Oahu Memorable

Go yachting, hiking, eat seafood, surfing, and take a Helicopter Tour in Oahu!

By: Sheean Hanlan

  1. Yachting. Charter the Four Seasons’ The Entertainer for a high-speed private excursion up the coast, where you’re likely to see spinner dolphins and humpback whales. The 35-foot Sea Ray SLX 400 also features a dropdown swim terrace for easy snorkeling and access to hidden beaches.
  2. Hiking. “The Realm of the Gods” hike is more than your average trek with scenic views. Guided by a kuma hulu and his dancer, climb to Ka’ena Point on the island’s westernmost tip, where ancient Hawaiian legend has it that wandering souls were forced to take a final leap from the cliff into the realm of the gods. At the top, witness an intimate spiritual performance while enjoying a privately catered picnic.
  3. Seafood. Feast on a tower of cracked crabs, Kona lobster tails, and oysters at Mina’s Fish House, led by James Beard Award–winning chef Michael Mina. Better yet, let one of the world’s first “fish sommeliers” recommend the best line-to-table dish, down to the exact texture and style of preparation for your tastes. Choose from exotic varieties like opah, swordfish, kampachi, and onaga.
  4. Surfing. Monster waves at the Banzai Pipeline won’t seem as intimidating after a couple of surf lessons with Moniz Family Surf on Waikiki Beach, where the motto is “anyone can surf.”
  5. Helicopter Tour. Marvel at the island’s most iconic landmarks from another point of view, in a customizable aviation tour with Paradise Helicopters. The trip covers everything from Pearl Harbor to Kualoa Ranch, where the Jurassic Park series was filmed.

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