City Plans Street Closures to Help Local Restaurants Cope with Covid Economy

Several Old Pasadena streets will be closed to allow dining outside with additional capacity while social distancing.
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Pasadena continues to make adjustments designed to help local restaurants social distance effectively while maximizing available safe capacity during the Covid19 pandemic. 


Pasadena plans to close a number of streets to automobile traffic to allow restaurants to offer on-street dining. With the virus continuing to negatively impact restaurant business this is yet another way the city hopes to expand opportunities for local restaurants to prosper during the pandemic.


According to the city the first of the partial street closures could go into effect as early as Saturday July 11. As currently planned initial closures will be:

• North and south sides of Colorado Boulevard, between Madison and El Molino avenues.

• South side of Colorado between Fair Oaks and Raymond avenues.

• The north side of Union Street

Amsterdam – could Old Pas be next?

The end of July should see the program fully implemented with the following closures in effect by July 25th:

• Colorado Boulevard between El Molino and Oak Knoll avenues.

• South side of Colorado between Oak Knoll and Hudson avenues.

• Greet Street between Pasadena and De Lacey avenues.

• South side of Green between De Lacey and Raymond avenues.

• North side of Colorado between Fair Oaks and Raymond avenues.

• North side of Colorado between Raymond and Arroyo Parkway, but there will be no parking available.

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