Pasadena Cancels Tournament of Roses Parade

With the virus making a resurgence the Tournament of Roses has cancelled the 2021 Rose Parade. The economic impact promises to be severe.


While the fate of the game itself remains to be determined, as most people are aware the Rose Parade has been canceled for the first time since World War II, leaving a big hole in our usual New Year’s Day schedules.

The parade floats typically require months of construction, utilizing thousands of volunteers.This would prove impossible under social distancing precautions. Because of the long lead time required Tournament organizers recognized that if it had to be cancelled, a firm decision needed to be made soon, as it is not possible to ramp up quickly should the situation somehow change.

Of course, the Rose Parade is far more than a spectacle to be looked forward to each year, it’s also a significant economic engine for the local economy. Canceling the Rose Parade will have a particularly painful impact on the heels of the prior shutdowns. Typically, nearly 20% of the parade watchers, over 130,000 come from out of the area, bringing their money with them. A recent report estimated that the parade generates over $140 million in economic impact. Economic impact that is needed this year perhaps more than ever, but must nevertheless be sacrificed to the imperative of health and safety.

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