The NIH Awards Doheny-UCLA’s Alex Huang, MD, PhD $2M for Glaucoma Study

In his innovative NIH proposal, Alex Huang, MD, PhD, investigates new ways to lower eye pressure in glaucoma.  He starts with an imaging method, termed aqueous angiography, which he developed at Doheny Eye Institute under prior NIH support.  Aqueous angiography is a method Dr. Huang invented that allowed investigators to see where fluid flow was occurring in the eye by adding a fluorescent tracer.

It is blockage of this fluid flow that results in high eye pressure that leads to vision loss in glaucoma.  This NIH award will allow Dr. Huang to integrate aqueous angiographic imaging with glaucoma therapies (both drugs and surgeries).  As a result of this research, we will better understand how glaucoma therapies work, identify their weaknesses, and adjust them by developing better drugs or placing surgeries in exact locations, for optimal patient outcomes.


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