Consider This

Meet a new company that’s cracked the egg carton.

Consider PasturesThink of the humble egg carton. If you’re like most grocery shoppers, you probably don’t notice the utilitarian container—until a striking carton from the aptly named Consider Pastures, with its distinctly modern blue, white, and gold color palette and geometric design, catches your eye.

Now available at Whole Foods and Bristol Farms in Southern California, Consider Pastures sources eggs from certified humane-raised hens living on open pastures on small family farms. It’s the first national egg brand to focus exclusively on farms that follow the holistic principles of regenerative agriculture—and the design of its egg carton, a joint venture between the company and NYC-based design firm Pearlfisher, is a thoughtful extension of that mission. For starters, the cartons are made from 100% recyclable, post-consumer paperboard, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. And all of the inks used are soy based and bio-renewable.

“We wanted to create a carton that was both a showstopper on shelf and incredibly simple and straightforward,” says Consider Pastures Art Director Dylan Haigh. “The carton draws inspiration from the first egg carton invented in 1911 by Joseph Coyle. The brand’s back-to-basics approach to farming is further reinforced by this vintage carton design, hearkening back to the simpler, commonsense values farmers once lived and farmed by.”

Unlike a traditional egg carton that opens from the front, revealing the full dozen eggs housed inside, the Consider Pastures carton opens from the top, with two horizontal panels that meet in the center, revealing six eggs when each panel is opened. Furthermore, while conventional egg cartons are produced as a single component, the Consider Pastures carton stands out with its multipart construction, where each egg is nestled in its own paper “shell.”

All in all, the Consider Pastures’ carton is an eggscellent example of combining beautiful form with effortless function.